Exploring + Establishing + Executing different styles of world building as part of visual development and in final images. 
I'm comfortable with designing/painting, modeling/sculpting, texturing, lighting/rendering, and compositing. Environments by any means necessary. Whether using procedural approaches to make epic cloudscapes or tree covered mountains, or refining a more handcrafted approach, I try to stay outcome oriented.  I make conceptual and final environments: keyframes, matte paintings, visual development, 3d environments, and illustrations for the film, commercial, gaming, and experiential ride industries.   Working on pitches, finding show styles,  blurring the borders of 2D and 3D, and acting as VFX Supervisor on a studio short-film have been some of my favorite pursuits.   
Chasing my daughter, traveling with my brilliant wife, reading sci-fi books, doodling, sitting pensively on stairs, HBO, and consuming copious amounts of espresso all contribute heavily to my happiness and sanity.
Clients + Employers:  The Walt Disney Company  |  20th Century Fox  |   Hornet Inc  |   Falcon's Creative Group  |   Rooster Teeth
For professional inquiries, please get in touch.
          Justin Gladis

"Sitting pensively on stairs." - Date Unknown

Preferred tools:
Painting/Design - Photoshop, Krita, Alchemy
Modelling - Blender, 3DCoat, Maya
World/Environment - World Creator, Vue, Speedtree
Compositing - Nuke, After Effects
Lighting/Rendering - Octane, Keyshot, Mantra, Arnold, Studio++
Realtime - Unreal Engine, Eevee
Volumetric Clouds - Houdini, Vue, Maya
Coffee - Iced Cortado, Double Espresso

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