Exploring + Establishing + Executing different styles of world building as part of visual development, rendered final images, and interactive real-time environments. 
I am working in game dev as the Principal Art Director for Wizards of the Coast Digital Publishing, setting a vision and leading with inspiring targets for video game IP from mobile to AAA.
I enjoy taking a multi-disciplinary and open-minded approach to art creation and ideation. 
Chasing my daughter, traveling with my brilliant wife, reading sci-fi books, doodling, sitting pensively on stairs, HBO, and consuming copious amounts of espresso all contribute heavily to my happiness and sanity.
Clients + Employers:  Wizards of the Coast  |  The Walt Disney Company  |  20th Century Fox  |   Hornet Inc  |   Falcon's Creative Group  |   Rooster Teeth
For professional inquiries, please get in touch.
          Justin Gladis

"Sitting pensively on stairs." - Date Unknown

Preferred tools:
Painting/Design - Photoshop, Krita, Alchemy
Modelling - Blender, 3DCoat, Maya
World/Environment - World Creator, Vue, Speedtree
Compositing - Nuke, After Effects
Lighting/Rendering - Octane, Keyshot, Mantra, Arnold, Studio++
Realtime - Unreal Engine, Eevee
Volumetric Clouds - Houdini, Vue, Maya
Coffee - Iced Cortado, Double Espresso

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