Hello there.  
I took a wiggly route to be here.  I started out studying real world cameras, editing, and lighting.  I worked as a motion graphics design intern, a Lighting Technical Assistant, a compositor, a generalist, and now I make both final and conceptual environments for the film, commercial, and experiential ride industries.  I'm very interested in blurring the borders of 2D and 3D design to solve creative problems.  
I strongly believe that small teams can make very big contributions.  
Chasing my adorable daughter, reading weird fiction, photography, doodling, HBO, traveling, and consuming copious amounts of espresso all contribute heavily to my happiness and sanity.

Justin Gladis


Preferred tools:
Painting/Design - Photoshop, Krita, Alchemy
Modelling - Blender, 3DCoat, Maya, Zbrush
World/Environment - World Machine, Vue, Speedtree
Compositing - Nuke, After Effects
Lighting/Rendering - Octane, Keyshot, Mantra, Arnold, Studio++
Volumetric Clouds/Fluids/VDBs - Houdini, Vue, Maya
Coffee - Iced Cortado, Double Espresso
Currently learning - Substance Designer, Substance Painter
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