00:00 - 00:48
Responsible for all except character lighting.  I led a 3 person generalist team that modeled, animated, simulated, textured, lit, rendered, and composited 46 individual shots for an interactive aerial sequence.  Shots on my reel represent work that I did myself.
For a much more detailed breakdown of our team effort, please watch this 90 second breakdown with audio.
Software:  Vue, Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Photoshop
00:49 - 00:59
Designed, modeled, textured, lit the background city of Shinjuku, including animated motion graphics in this two-shot vignette.  
Software:  3dCoat, Maya, Substance Designer, Nuke, Photoshop
01:00 - 01:08
Set extension of DC needed a multidisciplinary approach to mix between custom building models I created, buildings from the backlot, lighting, texturing, matte painting, some lightweight tree assets, and a sprinkling of fairy dust.  I also composited the final shot.
Software:  Blender, Maya, Nuke, Vue, Photoshop
01:09 - 01:13
Created mountain ranges + clouds for use throughout this sequence for use in this 3d matte painting.
Software:  Maya, Nuke, Vue, Photoshop
01:13 - 01:14
Texturing, lighting, and paint-over of all except the car, which I've conveniently blacked out of this image. 
Software:  Maya, Nuke, Vue, Photoshop
01:15 - 01:16
Matte painting of DC city. 
Software:  Photoshop, Nuke, Vue
01:17 - 01:19
All of the city except the character.  3d Matte Painting.
Software:  Maya, Photoshop, Nuke
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